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My Smart Phone Stuff

Best Ways to Find Cheap Gas on Your Smart Phone.

By now I’m sure everyone has been beaten up by the rising gas prices. I have no idea what to do about it but I can try to save some money when I need to fill up. I have listed some top “Gas Price sites”. You can use these from your mobile browser to help you locate the cheapest gas near you. Simply click the link to see which is easiest for you. If you are a little adept at your smart phone, just scan the appropriate QR code to grab a free app from the market.


I started using CheapGas from the Android market, it’s simple and if you report a gas stations new price, your entered into a weekly $250.00 drawing.  Not bad to help out the “cause”. You can use your I Phone to scan the first QR code and it will take you directly to the app. Or use the second QR code to scan with your Android device. (QR code= Quick Response code)

CheapGas for I phone

Cheap Gas in Android market









On a separate note, I want to take a minute and remember the many great hours my sister and I would spend watching and laughing at The Monkees. Davy Jones died today and it just made me think how much her and I used to watch TV together and laugh so much. Anyway that’s my 2 cents and Thank you Davy Jones for the good times.


Hey Hey We’re the Monkeys


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