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My Smart Phone Stuff

Things You May Not Know Your Smartphone Can Do

 Tech Tuesday with Clint August and Mark Baker from MySmartPhoneStuff.com

I met a very nice lady today with a smart phone I had eyed for some time(not the lady, the smart phone). I complimented her on her choice of phone and she said, “I don’t really know much about it, I just got it”. So I’m inspired to write a fast list of things you can do all with your smart phone that you may not know . More often, I meet people who have had a smart phone for a year or more and I tell them they can do something with it, and they respond, “no way! I had no idea I could do that. Can you show me how” So below is a small list and if you click any item it will open up more information on the app, the how to or the how to find the right one for you. Please share this with your Facebook and Twitter friends so everyone will know.

Calculate for Jobs and Bids at a professional level


Make a Point Of Sale for your Small Business


Accept Credit Card Purchases

Take A very large variety of measurements and make calculations for construction(this one will knock your socks off) (avail. for Windows Phone)

Check Your PC webcam to see what’s going on(using your Smart Phone)

PC/Mac Webcam You can use your phone in conjunction with messaging applications (Skype, Google+, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger, AIM, etc.)


Replacement for Your Wallet

Mobile Hotspot

Identify Things

Universal Remote Control

Car Remote

PC Remote Control

View & control your entire PC desktop using a smartphone

 Listen to free, legal, unlimited music (101KGB anyone?)

Crash Monitor Detection

Other Articles discussing smart phone uses are below…..






If you need to do it, there is most likely a way your smart phone can at least help you.

Use your search tools and your imagination. For Example…..Here are some things I used my smart phone for all in one day.

  1. Find a nice RV park to live in while you’re buying a new home
  2. Do a change of address on the USPS website
  3. Get a PO BOX for the new town you’re moving too
  4. Find some leads to that new home on zillow.com
  5. Find a real estate agent in your area(because Zillow is not an agent, just a browsing tool)
  6. Set an appointment to see a new home, and map the real estate office

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