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Get just about Anything Done for Five Bucks

Tech Tuesday With Clint August and MySmartPhoneStuff

I Can’t Take The Time To Learn Everything, But I have 5 Bucks

There are things we need to do in our lives, that maybe we don’t have the desire or time to learn. For example if you want to get this killer T-shirt design you though of, or if you have an idea for an e-book, but you need artwork and  someone to edit it. Maybe you want someone to make your special love an awesome “love note” in the sand, get a short clip of music made just for you, buy a custom intro to a podcast, do a video instruction of how to fix something, or say Happy Birthday in some famous persons voice. I have done nearly all of the things I just listed for a total cost of 5 bucks each. If it sounds to good to be true, I gotta say, once in a while it is. If it goes bad, you get your money back. But for the most part, the gigs that I have paid for in the last few years, I have gotten way more than I really expected. I had a cover done for my e-book, Android for Newbies (Revised 2013). If you haven’t checked out Fiverr, you really should. Someday you will need something done, wouldn’t it be great to pay 5 bucks to get what you need? Check out the video below for a quick explanation from Fiverr.

P.s. You can do everything needed to create or buy a Gig on your smartphone.



The Worlds Largest Marketplace for Services, Starting at 5 Bucks


For another more detailed article on Fiverr check THIS out.


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