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The App Frenzy is Back Again

Tech Tuesday With Clint August and MySmartPhoneStuff

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Tweet Live Video Through Twitter Using Meerkat

Now you can start recording and instantly a tweet is sent to your followers showing a link to see your video live. People can comment and you can have a discussion while filming the video, can you say “remote support”? Or imagine a daddy deployed in another country getting to see his kid live while getting a school award or throwing his first pitch?  This app renews the relevancy of Twitter all over again. Once your live recording is done, you can let it auto-delete, or chose to save it.

Companies have tried to ride the coattails of Twitter for some time now and very few actually stick. Meerkat was actually blocked earlier this month from all access to Twitter, but after some “playing nice” discussions between Twitter and Meerkat, the service has been restored and it’s popularity is growing like a wildfire.

The Meerkat app is currently only available on iTunes, but of course I’m hoping to see it soon in Android.

In other news…….. From PC World and several other sites…

“Twitter confirmed Friday that it bought Periscope, a small livestreaming video developer that’s expected to be Twitter’s response to Meerkat, a similar app that posts livestreamed video to the user’s Twitter feed. Kevin Weil, the vice-president of product at Twitter, and Periscope itself, confirmed the deal. Periscope’s Twitter account also said that the acquisition had been completed in January. “


So it looks like the whole live stream to twitter is here to stay. My question is will Twitter kill Meerkat again once their app extension is live?

Meerkat - w. Logo




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