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My Smart Phone Stuff

Titan 1 Flashlight

The Reinvented “Flashlight” and Cell Phone Extension

Tech Tuesday With Clint August and MySmartPhoneStuff

Titan 1, The Best Combo Since Motorcycles and Babes

Flashlight Phone Charger with Sound for On The Go

Titan 1 is a new gadget that starts with a rechargeable LED flashlight, adds in a back up cell phone charger, adds a Bluetooth speaker and for good measure throws in a Bluetooth hands free device. They also include a mount for a stroller, bike or motorcycle.

“Simply pair your phone with our device point the flashlight where you need it and start talking hands free.  Great for electricians, plumbers, technicians, contractors, carpenters and anyone that needs an extra hand on the job.  When you are done plug your phone into the USB port of the flashlight and recharge your phone.”

This is on an Indiegogo campaign and you can still get in on the cheapest level to own one(at the time of publishing).

Click the link or video below to see more.

Titan 1 Flashlight



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