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Trex and Grill Buy Now

Google Is Looking into a “Buy” Button in Your Searches

Tech Tuesday With Clint August and MySmartPhoneStuff

Imagine a “One Click” Buy Button for Every Product on The Web

This will be one of those rare blog posts that I have no product to share with you. I do however, have some very intriguing news. Several companies including Google are trying to make purchasing items you see on the web, a matter of “One Click” on a BUY button or a few clicks if don’t have an account already set up with that company. One very cool thing, is that Google doesn’t plan on taking a cut. They will still make their money from advertisements and not dip deeper into the retail pockets.


It was reported in February that Pinterest is also working on a “BUY NOW” button and in the whispers of the geek side of the web, several CEO’s have mentioned adding the ability to buy things that you see in a photo. For example if I were to show you my new deck (not really mine), with my new gas grill, you could click on the grill and it would take you to the page to actually purchase the grill. If you click on the deck it would take you to a place to buy the Trex decking. If you see it in a search or web page, you could buy it that easy.

As a side note, people tell me all the time, they won’t use their credit card on the web. Argh!!??! I need to politely point out that so many retail “brick and mortar” stores have had their data hacked and distributed(target for example);Yet Google has not. I would say “not yet”, but the fact remains, Google has not yet been hacked. So, let the record show, Google purchases are the very safest.

Trex and Grill with Buy Now Button

Google Buy Now Button

Here is an article from BusinessInsider about the Pinterest announcement.



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